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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  December 7, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it implies i'm a lot more successful than i am. i'll stick wit. >> richard p. bacon. i wonder >> now on "daybreak," hit by a car. a hudson teen is air lifted to the hospital after being struck. why neighbors say the area is prone to crashes. president obama: this was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people. sean: president obama addresses the nation. what he's calling on people to do and how republicans are responding. kevin: some early fog. we remain mild. how long it can possibility last ahead.
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why its creators say it is so important. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm erin fehlau. sean: good morning. i'm sean mcdonald. it is like maple, warm days and cold nights. kevin: we know in april, winter tends to hang on. we may have a couple of slick spots. high clouds otherwise will be giving way to a deal of sunshine. temperatures starting the day in the 20's to lower range of the 30's. highs later on this afternoon ranging anywhere from the low and mid 40's north of the notches to upper 40's and lower 50's from central and southern new hampshire. we'll talk much more
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workweek in just a bit. let's look at your morning ride. good monday morning, deb. deb: good morning. if you are traveling on 93 north and started your early monday morning commute, we're not seeing any delays at all. from north of the notch down to the stateline with massachusetts. 293 is also a good ride right now from hooksett to the split with 93 in manchester. the everett turnpike, 101, and 111 are also a smooth ride with no incidents or delays. if you are commuting in to massachusetts, 93 south and 493 are up to speed and incident free. this report is brought to you by peter's honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: all right. deb, thanks. the fbi continues its investigation in to the san bernardino shooting that killed 14 people, president obama
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public in prime time. only the third time he's done so. the republican candidates were quick to weigh in on the speech. he's lana zak in washington. president obama: the threat from terrorism is real. we will overcome it. we le destroy isi electrics and any other organization that tries to harm us. our success won't depend on tough talk or betweening our values or reporter: president obama spoke directly to the american people. president obama: as commander in chief, i have no greater responsibility than the american people. reporter: he outlined the approach to fight terrorism. he told about the continued use to destroy isis. american people are united in the fight. reporter: he ordered a
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program that allowed the female shotter to enter the united states. the republican candidates wasted no time responding to the president's speech. marco rubio said more of the same. >> nothing that happened in the speech tonight is going to help people's fears. said is that all there is? fast. president obama: even in the political season let's not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear. reporter: the president addressed muslims asking for their help fighting radicalization and urging all americans to not discriminate. erin: a boston teen remains in a hospital after he was hit by a car. sean: highland street was closed for several hours. ray brewer live in hudson in morning.
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the area; right? there have been several accidents in the area. the teen was struck by a 2007 hyundai tucson. the teen was taken to a boston hospital with what's described as serious injuries and air lifted from a school parking lot. police don't know if speed was a factor. they have seen severallings around the area. cars usually speed down the street. >> the cars fly down the road. 40-45 miles an hour. every day all day long. i have small kids. i walk them back and forth from the bus stop. >> 20 years ago when we moved here, it was a back road. now people use it as a highway. they cut across from hudson to nashua. it was crazy. reporter: police say it is unclear what caused the accident. alcohol does not appearing to a factor.
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hudson, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: thanks. we know the names of the two people killed saturday in a head-on crash. 31-year-old marcus harmon of keene was driving east around 4:30 when he crossed the center line. he smashed in to a car driven by wendy davis. the crash closed route 101 for several hours. erin: hooksett police are looking to figure out who fired a gun. it happened sunday afternoon. police tell us at least five rounds for shot toward the pickup. it is not clear how many people were in the truck. no one was hurt. a white van sped north away from the scene after the shooting. the murder trial of the danvers massachusetts teen accused of killing his teacher will continue. the defense lawyers for phillip chism are presenting their side of the case.
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convince the jury that he was insane. chism's attorney say part of the testimony included the teen told a psychiatrist he hears voices telling him he's a ninja. a home in manchester could be a place to help women coming out of prison. jack and julie mccarthy are the founders of the house in new hampshire. they have worked in the prison system for years. now they are trying to raise $150,000 to get the home open in 2016. >> we've seen people come back in not just once or twice, but three times. and julie and i began to talk about what could be done to help some of these people from coming back in. >> they'll have a group living room, gathering room, group dining room where they will share with the community in eating meals together such as a family would do.
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used in more than 20 other sates. sean: police in maine are searching for the person that hit a service dog. berwick police say sophia was hit on saturday. his owner was getting the mail when it happened. anyone with information is asked to contact beer berwick police. they are looking for the pickup that slammed in to a church. it appears the driver didn't slow down at the stop sign before hitting the building. authorities say they are looking for a blue toyota tundra. if you are information, you are asked to call police. erin: last night marked the first night of hanukkah. members of chaban lubavitch gathered. after passing around the candle, it was handed to their rabbi who used a
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a 13-foot-tall menorah. hanukkah commemorates the rededication of the holy temple in jerusalem and lasts for seven days and seven nights. sean: more than 1,000 people came to brunch with santa claus and to enjoy the games. it was a chance for people to come together at the holidays. >> it is a good part of the -- kind of the foothold of downtown and the city of manchester. we love being able to celebrate with the family and friends. sean: that was the event. 11th year. indoor snowball fight too. erin: can't beat that. sean: manufacture it yourself. still to come, the california shooting. why they think one of the suspects may have been real callized in the middle east. and remembers pearl harbor. erin: a man will spend 15 years
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kevin: monday morning, december 7th. temperatures upper teens to mid 20's. we get down closer to the coast. we're in the lower range of the 30's this morning. much like yesterday, western parts of the state and up north. patchy fog with temperatures below freezing. there will be some slick spots on area roadways. a look ahead and how long it can possibility last in the forecast coming up. erin: two officials say investigators are looking in to whether tashfeen malik radicalized her american husband and was the driving force in the plot. last week they discovered pakistan-born malik had pledged allegiance to the islamic state group in a post. they are looking in to whether malik was radicalized in the middle east and whether she used her marriage to
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u.s. and commit jihad. 14 people were killed in the attack. the u.s. justice department is expected to announce a civil rights investigation of the chicago police department this week. the call for doj probe intensified after chicago police released a video showing 17-year-old laquan mcdonald was shot 16 times last year. in the last six years, the justice department has opened more than 20 investigations of police departments across the country. sean: former president, jimmy carter, says he's cancer tree. his latest tests no longer show any signs of cancer. this comes four months after the 91-year-old announced he was diagnosed with melanoma that had spread to his brain. today marks 74 years since the attack on pearl harbor. veterans held a memorial
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in 1941, the japanese surprise attack claimed 2,400 american lives and brought the u.s. in to world war ii. three young men for manchester were killed on the day, the day that lives in infamy. >> it wasn't just pearl harbor. a lot of family members lived here in new hampshire. it affected new hampshire as well. sean: or the 65th anniversary in 2006, the pearl harbor survivors association had 4,600 members. it is not known how many are still alive. not many left. coming up, it was another big weekend at the movies. which film came out on top.
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be fun, if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich
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provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. because together, we can make and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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state lawmakers will announce new legislation calling for debt-free college. students would graduate from all public colleges and university with see we are debt. it would include lawmakers offers in presidential states. william somona has died. the company sold a small collection of cookware imported from france. since then it has expanded from hundreds of products. there are more than 260 stores in the u.s. erin: it was another big weekend at the box office. "mocking jay: part ii" managed to hold on bringing an estimated $18.5 million. in its opening weekend, "krampus" came in second. rounding out the top three for another week "creed" bringing in an estimated $15.5 million.
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decorating our homes for the holiday season; right? if you haven't broken out the lights, the largest utility l.e.d.s. safer. they are cool to the touch. they are also a lot cheaper to operate. one spring uses about 40 watts compared to the almost eight watts that the l.e.d. strings used. we've had great weather for putting up the lights outside. definitely; right? kevin: i usually put them up in november to avoid the cold air in december. this weekend would have worked out just fine. that's what i get for thinking ahead. we start off early this morning with fog. temperatures below the freezing mark in quite a few areas with the fog. there could be a couple of slick spots out there. we saw that play out yesterday morning. we're in the 40's to lower 50's this afternoon. notice the breeze later on today out of the west and northwest. than will the beginning of a cooling trend.
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going to be about ten degrees colder than what we'll have out there this afternoon. we have some high clouds this morning. those will continue to give way to the sunshine that the rest of us enjoy through the day. even up north you have the fog trying to hold on for a good part of the today. today you grab sunshine out of that. the weak area of high pressure settles in. it is this disturbance through the mid atlantic that passes far enough to the southeast we don't see any precipitation. we'll get the northernly flow. we're in the 20 20 's lower 30's. the exception is 20 in rochester. you'll notice there are milder air to the west. really nothing to campaign about. we're looking at temperatures in to the 40's to lower range of the 50's. the last day of this at least for the time being to start cooling off and won't recover to the levels tomorrow.
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clouds out there today. the low cloudiness that you had yesterday should certainly burn off today to partial sunshine. anywhere along the south of the white mountains in the 50's. a few high clouds from that tomorrow. it will be the northernly flow that will drag down the cooler air. that's where we'll be on bend it is very close to where temperatures should be for this time of year. we start another warming trend as the next system tries to approach. flow. we'll push temperatures up. could be a mixed shower two. the next system moving in works its way in here. likely not until the beginning of next week. friday in to the weekend another warming trend for us. temperatures today up in to the lower 50's in southern areas as the early fog gives way to sunshine. it will remain mild. we start to cool off. 20's to lower range of the 30's. they have the cooldown in place tomorrow with partial sunshine and
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there could be a shower. then as you can see, another warming trend setting up in time for next weekend. if you missed out on the christmas lights in november or this past weekend, you have next weekend. sean: procrastinators are being rewarded this year. let's check out the top stories with ray brewer. ray: a hudson teen had to be air lifted to a boston hospital after he was struck by a car sunday afternoon. serious. could be possibility life threatening. afternoon. it is unclear what caused the accident. neighbors tell us that the area has seen several accidents and area. sean: president obama addressed the american public from the oval office in prime time. he called on congress to vote to authorize the continued use of military force against isis. and a new transitional house for
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prison could be coming toman she's person the founders are trying to raise $150,000 to get this home open in 2016. erin: coming up, dashing through
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kevin: it is monday morning, december 7th. a live look from the monadnock region. there was patchy fog around in the scattered lower lying areas. with that, fog and temperatures are below the freezing mark. we are looking at the potential of a couple of slick spots initially. otherwise sunshine and milder temperature forest one more afternoon. the detail on where we head from here with the
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a bunch of kris kringles didn't need any rain. erin: 150 people dressed up like santa and skied for charity. look at all of the santas. skiing and snow boarding santas rode the trail while raising more than $3,000. this was the 16th annual santa sunday at the maine ski resort. it is cool to see everyone all dressed up. we did have a race over the weekend. sean: running santas through manchester. i didn't know santa was such a good skier. they found a spanish ship that found 300 years ago with up to $17 of gold, silver, and gems. erin: they discovered the reck many columbia of the san jose last week. it is believed it did
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1708. sean: wow. $17 billion. the teen is hospitalized after being hit by a car. what neighbors think may have happened. and thousands of kids will have a happy season thanks to jr.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning to you. it is december 7th. as we look out on to the portsmouth, 37 degrees. the weather we've been having is unbelievable sean: unseasonally warm. it is going to hang longer. that in a moment. monday. a 14-year-old boy was flown to a boston possible life threatening injuries when he was hit by a car
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maggie haas son has directed flags to be flown at half staff in honor of pearl harbor remembrance day. and a man pointed a gun at an officer in peterborough. december. amazing. kevin: when you don't have the snow on the ground, any sort of sunshine puts temperatures near normal anyway. it was the lack of snow that helps the warmer temperatures along. when you have the warmer temperatures around, it is more difficult for it to snow. kind of a snowball effect. no pun intended. patchy fog. high clouds moving through. that should give way to sunshine. everyone seeing some sunshine today. we're looking at a light breeze out of the west and northwest. highs again today after starting off below freezing climbing in to the 40's to lower 50's. erin: the mountains would like to see snow around the state. people start going skiing.
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roads and see how things are moving out there. really quiet on the monday morning here in windham. kevin: for a look at morning davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning. the commute is perfect. we're not seeing any delays from the hooksett tolls. from manchester to salem is a 21-minute ride. not seeing any delays on 293 from hooksett down to the split. the everett turnpike, 101, and 111 are also trouble free at this time. the good news continuing if you are commuting in to boston right now, all of the major roadways in the state of massachusetts are up to speed and incident free. this report is being brought to you by peter's honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid.
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after being hit by a car. sean: the teen was crossing highland street when he was struck. ray brewer live with the latest on the investigation. any word on the victims condition? ray: not at this time. the boy suffered possible life threatening injuries and was flown to a hospital in boston. authorities looking in to what led up to the accident. hudson police say the car struck the teen while he was crossing sunday afternoon. the boy offered serious injuries. he was take ton a nearby school parking lot to be air lifted to a boston hospital. >> with the pedestrian strike, the injuries are always generally going to be serious in nature. his injuries appear to be -- they are possibility life threatening. that's why they med flighted him out. ray: police say scott hicks was driving. >> the operator of the
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hudson resident. he's been cooperative. it doesn't appear that alcohol was a factor. ray: authorities are trying to figure out if other things played a role. the neighbors say they've seen several accidents before. >> the cars fly down the road. i have small kids. i walk them back and forth to the bus stop. moved here, it was a now people use it as a highway. ray: again this does remain an active investigation. at this point, there's condition. live in hudson, ray brewer. wmur news 9. erin: ray, thank you. flags across the state will be flying at half staff today in honor of pearl harbor remembrance day. today marks 74 years
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launched a surprise attack. more than 2,400 the attack. was lost. all eight battle ships were damaged or destroyed. in a statement, maggie hassan said quote i join granite staters, americans, and people across the world in expressing our profound gratitude for each of women. our greatest generation who sacrificed bravery to ensure that our shared values of liberty, equality, and freedom endured. sean: a man from hancock is scheduled to face a judge today. on saturday night, the officer went to conval high school for a report of a distraught man with a car stuck on the athletic field. the officer says 22-year-old thomas heisenberger pointed a semiautomatic pistol at him, firing one round in to the ground. after being tased,
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he was expected to be arraigned on multiple charges. erin: fish and game investigated a crash. a man and child were on an suv when it crashed. neither were wearing a helmet. there's no word on their conditions. state police say 71-year-old marcus hansen was drive handgun his car spun out, went off of the road, and hit a tree. he was flown to a massachusetts hospital with serious injuries. sean: a dover man accused of leading police on a chase is due in court today. it started yesterday morning. when the officer tried to pull over johnathon dennison. he took off crashing in to a guardrail. before eventually crashing again in someone's yard.
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tried to flee on foot, but he was captured. a manchester man is accused of leading police on the chase. they spotted todd bernatchez who ditched the car and ran away. erin: a manchester man has been sentenced 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to assault and kidnapping. jayson setoute pleaded guilty. they say the victim was hit multiple times. another man charged in connection with the attack, isaiah williams, is scheduled to go on trial in january. sean: we want to say a big thank you to those who participated in the spirit of giving toy drive. it turned out to be a huge success. >> one toy, a cartful, bikes, a hockey table.
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it amazed me just the amendment of giving there was this year. sean: all of the donated items will go to toys for tots. here are the final numbers you donated nearly 17,000 toys and more than $17,000 in cash and gift cards. both car exceed last year's totals. thank you again for your generosity. erin: excellent. a fundraiser was held to raise money for the marine veterans and their families. they presented a $45,000 check to honor flight of new england. the event raised more than $20,000 for building dreams for marines. that organization helps marine veterans with life enhancing modifications to their homes. sean: coming up this morning, wreaths across america is making its way to cemeteries across the country. today the convoy is stopping here in new hampshire. erin: a concerning situation for students in cambridge, massachusetts.
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alert following a series of threats. kevin: no big storms. a couple of weaker systems providing
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7th. temperatures just below the freezing mark.
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you get in to some northern areas. the fog is pretty thick. freezing. otherwise good deal of sunshine after the high clouds move away early. 40's to lower 50's for one more afternoon. much more on the forecast. sean: 5:42. reaction from the address in a rare speech. he said the terror threat has reached a new phase follows attacks in paris and california. nikole killion live in washington. how are the presidents comments being received? reporter: a senior administration official says the president offed to give the speech to update americans about his plan. his message seemed to fall flat with critics. >> the threat from terrorism is real. we will overcome it. we will destroy isil and any other organization that tries to harm us. reporter: speaking for only the third time from
5:37 am
bernardino shooting an act of terrorism. he offered no policy prescriptions to deal. he called on congress to authorize the use of military force and ban certain people from getting guns. the candidates took to social media, including donald trump and jeb bush. the president has no public events scheduled today. the white house looking ahead to the summit next week on terror financing. sean: they talked about congress passing specific legislation. what are the chances of that happening? reporter: pretty slim to none. just last week they rejected a gun measure. they are trying to deal with mental health reform. in some of the shootings again with the president calling for the authorization of military force. that is something that
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not been able to coalesce around. sean: thank you. erin: a man accused of stabbing two people at a london tube station is due in court. they are investigating the attack as an act of terror. they are looking in to reports the suspect yelled this is for syria during the stabbings. one person was seriously wounded and the other victims suffered minor injuries. the suspect is charged with attempted murder. sean: schools in cambridge, made. they started receiving threats early tuesday morning leading to an increase of security at schools. the threats were sent in three e-mails. they believe a good samaritan who reported the first threat is the person responsible for all three. since the first message complained of too much homework, police expect a student is to blame. erin: police in california have arrested the mother of a newborn
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girl after two women heard her cries and called 911. the infant was found in a hole covered with as fault and debris. she is expected to be okay. the person who buried her faces charges, murder. a man in australia went to great heights to evade police. he climbed a crane and hours. the man came down with specialized police were sent up. the motive for the climbing remains unclear. sean: his arms must be tired. the philadelphia eagles stunned the patriots. new england entered the game with a chance to clench the division or at least a playoff spot with a win. the eagles used defense and special teems to prevent them. philadelphia blocked a punt and return it had for an eagles touchdown
5:40 am
in the third quarter, tom brady drove the team right now the field only to throw it all away at the goal line. malcolm jenkins picked it off and went 99 yards to give philly a 21-14 lead. it wasn't pretty. the patriots made it interesting. chip kelly's eagles were able to hold on for the win. the pats gave up unanswered point for the first time in the belichick/brady era. erin: first period for the monarchs and royals. the royals made the monarchs pay. they took the 1-0 lead. second period there was tenth goal of the season. that tied the game. then the teddy bears came out. the annual teddy bear toss is a great holiday tradition for the monarchs. all of the teddy bears go to charity.
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win the game 4-2. sean: that's a nice tradition. the community there in tennessee came together to help a woman after her car was destroyed by fire. morgan carter was in a drive thru when she saw her cargoes up in flames. a pastor happened to be in the area at the time and stap stopped to help. within an hour, they bought her a minivan to replace her burned out car. out there. i'm blessed to be one of the people that, you know, was able to be helped. i hope one day i'm able to do that for someone else. sean: she asked the pastor to pray, but she never expected it to be bought for her. erin: that's amazing. kevin: start off with the cooler temperatures. the patchy fog which has resulted in a couple of slick spots out there. we saw this yesterday morning. it was a little bit more widespread than it is early this morning.
5:42 am
fog that is out there could be causing a couple of slick spots. factor in a few extra minutes as you walk out the door. temperatures fairly close to where we were yesterday which is in the 20's to near 30 degrees. you notice quite a few high clouds in southern parts of the state. actually maybe keeping temperatures up by a few degrees. those continue to make steady progress eastward. that should give way to a good deal of sunshine in to the afternoon. weak area of high pressure in control for the time being. this system passing well to the southeast. what is does is on the backside of the system is provide a little bit more of a northernly flow. the highs today in the 40's to lower 50's. tomorrow will be either side of 40. we start off in the 20's across a good part of the state. mid 30's. closest you get to the shoreline. notice the 36 in hampton falls. inland between 25 and 30. some of the higher elevations warmer this morning due to the warmer air aloft. some of the lower
5:43 am
cool off, allowing the patchy fog. a lot of areas falling back in to the mid to upper teens. we're in the lower 20's in parts of coos county. high temperatures today. 40's to lower range of the 50's. a few extra clouds up north by later this afternoon. otherwise that fog should be burning off to partial sunshine. partly cloudy skies tonight. 20's to lower 30's for overnight lows. tomorrow we won't recover quite as much. you'll notice quite a few high clouds in south storm system passing to the south. that will provide temperatures from the mid 30's to lower half of the 40's tomorrow afternoon. that where we should be on wednesday. which is close to where we should be this time of year. that will be with some sunshine around as well. beyond that, we'll look for an increase in clouds webbed night. there's a webbing system back to the west. that would mean a couple of mixed showers by the time we get there. that should eventually move to the east thursday night.
5:44 am
left over early on friday. then it looks like we head right back in to the fair skies. friday in to next weekend. what that sets up is a weekend much like this one. we have the warming trend kicking in from friday in to the weekend it. 20's to lower 30's early. 40's to lower 50's in to the afternoon for one more day. then we'll start to cool off in to the 20's. notice highs tomorrow, a solid ten degrees cooler. it will be partly sunny skies. warmer an wednesday. that will be the head of the next system which tries to arrive early thursday morning. could be a couple of mixed showers or maybe a rain shower with temperatures back in to the 40's. 40's to lower 50's on friday. that's the beginning of another warming trend that could be setting up in to next weekend with temperatures up in to the low and mid 50's on saturday and possibility statewide in the 50's again on sunday. you don't have the snow on the ground. it just allows the temperatures with the sunshine to climb especially with the right wind direction. we're going to remain above normal as long as
5:45 am
widespread snow on the ground. erin: a lot of people enjoying this. a lot of people would like some snow on the ground. wreaths across america is making deliveries across the country today. the convoy is making a stop in new hampshire. three trailers loads of fire wreaths will stop in raymond to mark the occasion. the ceremony is being held in the town common at 8:00 a.m. they are going to be placed at more than 1,000 national cemeteries, including arlington national cemetery. sean: a special holiday event was held on sunday featuring only tubas. sean: they sound nice. this was the scene at the tuba christmas event. it started with one concert, 42 years ago by a music student who wanted to pay tribute to his mentor born on
5:46 am
since then it has stretched all over the world. you don't expect them to sound that nice together. they do. erin: the tuba is a great instrument. sean: wonderful. an interesting event in indianapolis. which famous eater turned out? recognize him? now time for the u local hot spots. stormy winters is getting ready to celebrate his first christmas. submit your pictures and video and join the thousands of u local members by logging on at it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back.
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a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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sean: yeah, that work is taking up the entire prompter. a psychedelically
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owned by janis pop joplin. it was originally gray but she asked a roady to go wild and paint it. kevin: i'll bid on it. just to raise the price for everybody else. erin: a world record may have been broken in indianapolis over the weekend. this was the scene at the shrimp cocktail eating contest. the world's top competitive eater, joey chestnut, broke his record. kevin: it is all about the cocktail sauce. the record has verified. he ate more than 12 pounds in five minutes. he held nathan's hot dog eating contest for eight years. i'm trying not to look at the screen. erin: we're sorry. kevin: you can't unsee that. sean: why is the guy with the go pro video of himself -- that's gross. coming up. a new plan is in the works to help women who are coming out of
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one local couple is trying to open up a home. they need help to get it up and running. ray: a hudson teen had to be air lifted to boston after being struck by a car. some of the factor that is police are looking at. reporter: the evolving threat of terrorism was the subject of the remarks. all of the details coming up. erin: christmas shopping can be exhausting. one business is allowing
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